Wednesday, 4 November 2009


What a day....!

I was down at the garden this morning. Really pleasant: lovely Northern Autumn sky - you know that sort of almost-but-not-quite washed out pale blue sky you only get this far north because of the 'blue light'; a nip in the air enough to rose your cheeks up (must replenish my supplies of Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream); no noise except the occasional cluck of the hens or bird song (I think Goldfinch); and good company. I really wouldn't mind working there full time in the future. Anyway, I got the keys from Yosin and gotmy attractive green overalls on and then went and got some bulbs off Mike to plant out in the wildflower area next to the pond. Incidentally the pond is looking very cloudy so I might look this up online and see if there's any obvious reason related to, say, the recent heavy rains. The soil in the wildflower garden is apparently 'too fertile' so it has a membrane under the top layer. I had to try and dig holes for the bulbs using this little plastic trowel and I wasn't really holding it right because I was trying to gouge holes out as it was really tough digging. I ended up with a blister.....

When we went for our lunch break I took my boots off and decided to put them outside as the doorway was - rather anti-Health- and-Safety-ishly - blocked by too many pairs of boots from the group of DWP Teambuilding Excercise volunteers who were eating their lunch in the 'conference room attached to and accessed by the office. As I went out, I tripped on the little metal lintel across the doorway and my foot went right into the edge of the door jamb and - in an uncannily perfect repeat of the incident a couple of weeks ago involving Thom-Cat- I mashed my little toe against the very edge of the door. YOWWWCH!! I ate my pizza (which was delicious and made by the resident chef) with my right foot in a recycling caddy (one of those big grey stackable ones with a half open front) full of frrrrreezing cold water. It did numb my toe sufficient for me to hobble up the street back home! But it is really sore now, although mustn't grumble as at least it has stopped throbbing. I spent the afternoon on the sofa covered by my Totally Autumn throw with Thomas underneath it, and fell asleep within minutes....adrenaline wearing off - endorphines kicking in (kicking! Ha! Get it?!) I haven't dared look at it, because it was bad enough earlier on today when I'd just done it,but at least it doesn't feel as bad as the other time. They say we have no memory of pain,but that is only partly true because we can tell if something is more or less painful than something previously.

Ive knitted a few more rows of my Cold Mountain scarf. and I've discovered more beautiful yarns on Etsy. Wild Fire Fibres has some more gorgeous lace weight yarns in blues and purples, and I have discovered another secret hideyhole of absolute epic win-ness, Yarn Art Serious.
Have a look.

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