Friday, 16 October 2009


Thanks to our resident four-legged whirling dervish, I now have a broken little toe. Well, it sure feels and looks like it's broken! As usual he tried to exit the kitchen wrapped around my feet, but only after first launching himself at them from under the table and with no warning. The result was my foot smashing into the edge of the door with some force as I half tripped, half fell.
Last night the pain was so bad I was almost sick, and it swelled up to roughly 2.472 times its normal size. Today it is back to almost its right size but it is a wonderful shade of mauve/purple. I can walk, but it's sore. I don't know if it is actually broken, but I know from previous experience there is nothing that the hospital would actually do other than maybe strap it to the neighbouring toe and tell me to take ibuprofen - which I will do if it gets really sore again.

Thom-Cat has also taken some kind of dislike to my father's new suit, particularly the elbow area, and launches a full-scale SWAT attack on it at every opportunity,involving clawing it with all four paws at once as well as biting it while making a nasty kitty snarling sound (the same sound he makes when chewing pens that he steals before they re removed from his lethal jaws)

Rob is, once again, in London for an anti-sci-fi-based "religion" demo, or "raid" as they call it. I do agree that it isn't a religion but a cult and that some - most?- of their methods and beliefs are highly questionable, but nothing would make me don ridiculous clothing and get up at 4 a.m. just to make my point (unless it was environmental or something, but even then, the ridiculous clothes would definitely be a no-no)

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