Thursday, 15 October 2009


....which I've been knitting for Nat. For some reason Ravelry's photograph uploading thing is playing up again. (It won't let me upload anything purple and now it won't even try to upload anything...) So from now on I'm going to put all my relevant photos here.Which I usually do anyway.
Yes it would be lovely to arrange them more artistically and aesthetically attractively (wow! - the alliteration!!) I might ask Rob to make me some of those sock holders out of some of the wood he has clogging up the cupboard under the stairs in the kitchen.

I did another - um - two rows of Cherie Amour last night. The problem is,it is so boring at this stage,only two rows to remember. And when I follow the chart properly, instead of the way I had accidentally been following it (with the ssk's and the k2tog's swapped round) it actually doesn't look right to me. The lines in the pattern seem to point the right way in the section with the wrong stitches, but after my corrected rounds last night they look odd. So I've decided to go back to the original - wrong - way because after all it is going to be me who will have to wear it.

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