Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Socks - yes more....

Another rubbish photo, this time of my partially knitted sock in Mirasol Hacho. Yes, I think it is definitely a bit thick for socks,maybe,but the Winter is coming and we all need nice warm socks in the cold months, right? By the way the colours are far more vivid and much brighter than you can see from this photo. Just think of the fruit part of a delicious mixed berry crumble; it has blackberry, redcurrant, raspberry, blueberry, blackcurrant and just a teensy touch of cinnamon!

I have so many W.I.P's at the minute and I don't know whether to knit a small amount of each every day to avoid boredom,or concentrate on two projects now then when I have completed one, pick up another of the others. This way I am always going to have two on the go. My original idea to have a larger (or more 'tangy') project and a smaller one at all times was probably the best. I am doing some of the Kernel scarf every day and that's great - it will be finished soon and then I will start Cold Mountain. I'm going to finish the socks and the Baktus as my smaller projects.

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