Saturday, 13 October 2012

New arrival

Isn't it funny the way things happen when you're least expecting them?  Meet Amy:

Our cats usually sit in the window, on top of the bookcase; in general they enjoy catching the sun and being nosy.  We live in a very mixed area, and there are a lot of students in our street.  Our house is right on the street so sometimes we have people stop and look at the cats and we've got used to this.  The other day a Chinese student from three doors along knocked on my window and indicated he wanted to speak to me, so I went to the door.  He said he had a cat but the landlord of their rented house had been told by a maintenance person and he had phoned to tell them they weren't allowed to keep pets in the house. (HOW EVIL...though when I think about the damage inflicted on my furniture by years of having cats I can sort of understand...) He said they knew we had cats so would we take theirs in?  My immediate reaction was to say no, three cats is more than enough. however he asked would i at least look at her.  He and his girlfriend brought her to the house and I fell in love immediately! How could I not take this poor little tiny kitty in? After all, we ONLY have three cats already...plenty of room for a little'un.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


updating soon my impatient yarnies!