Monday, 19 October 2009


Just a very quick update of the kernel progess so far. I've finished the edging and am now about 8 rows into the main chart. It is without a doubt one of the most pleasant patterns I have knitted so far - it just flows very easily from one row to the next.

If I make this my focus for the next few days it will soon be finished, but I only really have afternoons and evenings, and even then because it is Allocations week in our housing co-op two evenings are taken up with meetings. Mik is coming over from Leiden on Friday and expecting me to go out to Lance's new pub with him, so that is going to be another evening of valuable knitting time wasted on social life ha ha!

My toe is a lot better but I still can't really put much weight on it. I am due at the horticulture project tomorrow morning....

Natalie loved her new socks, and as predicted she said they were "made of epic win"....I do wish teenagers would talk properly and appropriately. for example when I tell Josh the dinner is ready, his reply is generally something like "Awesome!!"

It's well and truly Autumn now and with it has come the dreary and dreich weather we have to put up with in the late part of October. Dampness, mist-like rain, chill, foul skies the colour of dirty dishwater....not the lovely blues I normally associate with living up here. Oh well, it's nothing but S.A.D.from now until March! Great.....the only, um, consolation is that I will be spending a lot more time outside. Wonderful.....

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