Saturday, 17 October 2009


YEE haaa!!!

Kernel is lookin' good!

My toe is a bit better - more shades of purple that I never knew existed! Thom-Cat has been very naughty today, practically destroying the kitchen and the living room. Ten minutes later he was asleep and looking so sweet one would never believe it was the same cat. Aww, but he is a little darling really. How anyone can be cruel or neglectful to kitty-cats - or any animal - is totally beyond my comprehension. It just doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

I have knitters' block..I have absolutely loads of lovely yarn and I have queued stacks of Ravelry patterns as well as bookmarking several dozen from other sources. Last week I wanted to knit everything....this weekend I can't actually think what to knit. Either I find a pattern but haven't got a yarn I want to knit it with, or I really want to knit with a particular yarn and can'tfind a pattern I want to knit it with. For example, I really really want to knit a Baktus, but I can't decide which of my yarns to use. And I have loads of Mirasol Hacho in Double Fucshia, but can't make up my mind even what type of garment to knit. I love making socks but I've made 4 pairs in the past couple of months and at this time of year I am still in sandals so not actually wearing socks yet. (In fact I rarely wear anything on my feet at all, and the sheepskin boots do not come out for another month yet!)

Oh well, it will probably be a scarf knitted with the skein of Araucania Ranco in solid deep purple,because scarves do really make an outfit stand out and you can make a really basic load of long sleeved v-neck t's look fantastic simply using different scarves. I tend to buy layerable tops, from strappy vests through to long sleeved tees with v or scoop necks,and have a few nice blouses and cardigans, and all look nice either on their own or layered, with a scarf. A scarf made from the Ranco, or maybe a Baktus knitted with the 2 skeins of Donegal Aran Tweed....oh I dunno....!

Rob gets in from London this morning at some ungodly hour normal people do not know exist. I think we shall be seeing the Lady Natalia at some point so I'd better wrap those socks up for her.

I'm off to bed now - goodnight!

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