Friday, 2 October 2009


So...I finished the lovely Monkey socks I've been knitting in Mirasol Chirapa's Saffron Spice. Shown in a not-very-good photo above as I was chilling out and they came loose a bit. but you get the idea.Spoke to Ellen and Mik last night....I am going over to Leiden in December. Leiden is where the 'Pilgrim Fathers' lived before they made their way to the New World, which is why there are so many things called Mayflower in Leiden.

I remember when Mik first moved to Oude Rijn and we were going along the side lane towards the shops and went past this knocked-down building. Mik said apparently this demolition had to be stopped because they'd found the actual room the Pilgrims had met in to plan their travels!

I do miss Leiden very very much and of course I miss Mik like mad. But things have been difficult on both sides of the North Sea and I haven't been up to going, much as I would love to. December is the perfect time to go. I'll need lots of Knitted Things, so am now casting on for some wristwarmers, which if successful will be repeated and given as gifts.

I'd better get knitting. Fab pattern Knucks on Knitty but I want totally fingerless for now. I do already own several pairs of gloves and so for now I can live without yet another pair.

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