Saturday, 21 November 2009


Wow! I didn't blog since Tuesday. This is because I haven't had time and also due to being really stressed and anxious about little Thom, who didn't actually come home until yesterday! What ought to have been a one night stay went on longer because as they were about to remove his catheter on Wednesday morning, they found he had actually chewed it half out himself (Yes, as we all know, Thomas LOVE nothing better than to gnaw on things....a large stick, stray pieces of Playmobil from Sara's Christmas games, the toggles from his play tunnel, the lock knobs on his carrier...all bear his trademark teethmarks, as do many of my books. And he makes an incredibly fierce-cute snarling sound as he chews!!) So, they had to do a minor procedure to remove the other half, which was stuck, and they replaced it and kept him in overnight again. On Thursday night they removed it and on Friday afternoon the vet rang and said they wanted to see if he would now be able to pee on his own, but they thought he was getting stressed and many animals will not pee in a strange place (plus fussy Thom is very particular about which brand of cat litter he will use when he has to wee indoors) They said they would send him home and asked me to monitor him closely to see if he was urinating. However when I arrived to collect him the vet said not long after she rang me he had done a wee anyway, and after checking his bladder she said it was empty. She gave him antibiotic and painkilling injections and then said bring him back first thing in the morning just to check again. When we got home he was so obviously 100 times better than when he first went in; he immediately started greeting Spangle and Pete and rubbing his cheek against all the furniture; also against our legs. He sat in front of the fire and had a full wash. He had several wees. At dinnertime he had some turkey and some tuna. Then he settled down in front of the fire again and went to sleep.

This morning however he was licking at himself and going back and forth to the litter box for small wees. so when we went for his follow-up appointment the vet again checked his bladder and said it was only a tiny bit full, not even as full as it would be before a normal wee. To put this into perspective, it was the size of a tangerine. She said the reason he kept going back to the litter box might be because now that the painkiller is wearing off he might be a bit sore from the catheter. It must feel like cystitis (ouch!) Or, his urethra might be spasming a bit. so she said keep checking to see if he is peeing properly and give him some more of the painkiller this afternoon. If he is obviously worsening tomorrow ring the Heworth branch - the only one open on Sundays and only for emergencies - who might want to see him. In any case he has to go back to the normal one on Monday, and hopefully that will be that.

We are just going to have to keep our fingers crossed and hope.

I have started a scarf for Saartje, in Debbie Bliss Soho - pinks. The pattern is from the Frabjous Fibers recycled silk yarn free pattern pages. It looks really nice already - slightly richer/brighter colours than they appear in the photo - and it will definitely be Sara's style! She loves pink and it will go with her pink jacket.

Also on the needles is the blanket I am knitting for the cats in Patons Inca, with a Peruvian style bird design on Colinette Shimmer Five.
Chunky and warm, it is knitting up fast, and my intarsia skills are definitely improving. I have learned to wrap the not-in-use yarn between stitches so that there are no unsightly lines of yarn at the back. I guess this is the idea behind Scandinavian two colour knitting, so on the back there is a kind of reverse pattern, like a negative photo image. Again, the colours are more vibrant than in the photos. I am really pleased with the way the bird design has turned out!!!

Tonight I'm going to get on with my Cold Mountain scarf - I have ordered loads of seed beads in various shades of bluey-purple and purple, in two sizes, and a couple of really narrow crochet hooks with which to thread them. So I will be able to make some really gorgeous scarves etc!! I have an idea I will get totally sucked into the beading idea the way I have with lace!!

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