Monday, 2 November 2009


Today was my first real day working at the horticulture project. I have really enjoyed it! We have been picking beans, a rare variety called Cherokee Trail of Tears. Then took down the plants and dismantled the frame things. By then it was lunchtime and we were cooked a delicious organic vegetable stir-fry with roast potatoes; then a post-lunch tea break at the top of the garden where there is a deck and a pond and a wild area. On to the afternoon's work then,and it was back to the poly tunnels, this time to dig out some weeds and the remainder of the Rocket, then put some slug deterrent down and made a few hanging baskets. Finishing off with moving some summer plants to make room for some winter varieties. The guys I am working there with are Phil, the Manager of the whole project, including the Garden Rooms, and Mike, who has a lot of experience with things like the Healthy City Project and so forth. I've learned so much from him in such a few hours, but he doesn't lecture, he just tells you about things while you're working. I met some of the Residents,who live in the Garden Rooms - although it is meant to be rehab of sorts they are allowed to - and do - drink booze. The main house is undergoing extensive renovations so the men - apart from those in the Garden Rooms - have all moved out, and been accommodated in other places run by the organisation.
It's been a good day to ease into the job - not too cold (though it is windy) and the skies are blue, blue , blue! That gorgeous Autumn sky blue which goes from an almost lilac colour and fades right through to the palest of sky blue.

There are free range hens there, and a little black and white cat comes to say hello.

I got some yarn in the post, some Colinette Hand dyed DK. From eBay. It's gorgeous - lots of different colours, and will make a lovely pair of wristwarmers, from Knitty's later patterns of the season. But now I have to go and mail my own eBay sales, and get some groceries - things I would normally have done by now, but because I was working I have to do them now instead of putting my feet up and knitting.

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