Friday, 6 November 2009


Damnation! I was just about to start the second pattern repeat of rows 3 to 30 of Chart A of Cold Mountain and I noticed that halfway down there was a stitch that was hardly there...and when I investigated the stitches underneath it for about 5 rows unraveled, leaving a gaping bloody hole in my otherwise perfect lace! I have frogged the lot in exasperation, as it is too complicated to frog only back to that row and then try to pick up 69 lace stitches properly.


Oh well, it's only 33 rows; I could've noticed it later and that would have been worse. I'm just really annoyed, because it was perfect and I hadn't made a single mistake (well, um, clearly I had, but you know what I mean!). I'm now going to cast on again and get stuck back into it or I will lose interest.

I didn't actually frog entirely to the very beginning; I left about ten rows and blocked it to see how much give there is etc. Bloody complicated way to do a swatch LOL!! There isn't that much give but there is enough that the finished lace will be opened up without widening the scarf too much. so at least something positive and constructive has come out of a crap situation.

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