Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Forgot to add this photo yesterday, it's the first twelve rows of the Cold Mountain scarf in the amazingly gorgeous Elvincraft Laceweight Merino/Cashmere 2 ply. It's so easy to knit, although it does look complicated at first glance of the (three!) charts, but it is straightforward enough as, so far, the pattern is all SSK's, K2Tog's and YO's - and the occasional KTBL, and the WS is straightforward P right across. The colour of the yarn is fantastic! You can really start to see the subtle variations in shade. This Winter, I am going to look fabulous darling, as I will be fit through work and I can accessorize my basic wardrobe of layered long-sleeved tops with all the gorgeous lace scarves I am making in divine colours.

Went for a kind of introductory chat with the Director of Women's Services, at one of the supported accommodation houses - opposite the place I will be working. It is an ok house but the kitchen is typical of institutional residential care settings, regardless of how nicely designed it was. There is nothing on the surfaces or walls to show anyone lives there and half the cupboards are locked. The lounge is fairly attractive but doesnt look lived-in. The women there are attended 10 hours per day; it's secondary housing. The place I will be working at is staffed 24/7 and is the first non-temporary safe place most of them have been in. They come in from sleeping rough, from prostitution and related situations, from domestic abuse, drug detox and jail. It's the only organisation which will 'hold' a bed for someone coming out of jail or detox for example. The main thing I like about this organisation is the very holistic approach to supporting homeless people and dealing with the whole problem, of which for many being without a home is only a part. It is definitely looking more attractive to me as a long term career. Anyway, I will be going to meet the senior support officer at the place on Thursday and then will be doing two evenings per week.

Last night, I opened the back door to let Thom-Cat in...he had something dangling from his mouth and it was too late for me to shut the door again and make him stay outside. The 'something' was - yes, you guessed - another mouse. He really loves those mice! He let it go in the kitchen and as soon as it started running away he put his back paw on its back, although not openly paying it any attention. A few seconds later he let it go again, only to catch it again and carry it around in his mouth again. This process of torture, with the poor little mouse eventually becoming too frightened to run away or do anything except squeak, continued with me doing my best to try to get either Thomas or the mouse out the back door. After finally shoo-ing Thom, with mouse safely stashed in his mouth,out into the garden I shut the door. Half an hour later he was still at it, and after an hour he cried to be in again and this time the mouse was lying next to the doormat outside the back door, in an obviously dead manner. I let Thomas in but he was very hacked off at not being allowed to bring his new toy/friend into the house.

I am back at the horticulture project tomorrow, which I'm definitely looking forward to. It's hard work but rewarding, and the feeling of tiredness at the end of the day is a good one. I wonder what we will be doing tomorrow....watch this space....

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