Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Thomas Is back At The Vet's

Thomas went for his follow-up at the vet's today. when we got up this morning he seemedto have turned a corner, he was fairly lively and instead of just lying about sleeping he was up and about, eating a little and pestering us for attention as he normally would in the morning.

However, this afternoon at the vet's it transpired that his bladder seemed to be blocked again, which was puzzling since he has been weeing okay (and proved this by peeing all over the examining table!!) So, the vet said she would have another look and then monitor him over the next 24 hours. Poor little Thomas; he hasn't really had the best of luck, has he. It is so horrid when an animal is ill because they cannot tell you exactly how they feel and you cannot really explain anything to them. The house feels wrong with one less cat, and Spangley Spangle and Petit Pete are kind of pining for Thomas; Spangle has been looking for him and 'calling' and Petey has just curled up into a ball and slept all day. Amazing how cats become a unit, regardless of how well - or not - they get on with one another, and if part of that unit is missing then the others cannot function properly. Kind of a symbiosis thing.

But what can one do, other than wait to call the vet in the morning and find out what time to collect him? then we will have a better picture of what is going on.

I feel like my whole life - such as it is - is on hold; I can't make plans to do anything, can't think about eating,can't settle at all. And I am getting more and more exhausted because of the stress and especially because of all the to-ing and fro-ing. Even doing some shopping in town requires a couple of days' recovery afterwards normally, but haven't had time to rest after two or three journeys to the vet, with heavy cat/pet transporter in tow.

I have been thinking about what sort of scarf and possibly also matching hat to knit for the little Uiterstegrachter! I have some Debbie Bliss Soho - 5 skeins - in multi pinks and am waiting for a skein of Colinette One Zero - in Alizarine a similar variegated pink colour but brighter and slightly darker - which I grabbed on eBay. These will make a lovely chunky scarf and hat set in multi shades of her favourite colour! I might actually knit the scarf in the Soho, and use the Colinette to make some I-Cord spirally flowers to stitch on and use the remainder for a fringe for the scarf and tassels for the end of the ear flaps on the hat. The scarf will probably be a simple ribbed pattern, but for the hat I have found a pattern called Jayne Beanie on Yarn Zombie

I am watching Breaking Bad, which I have already seen online last year, but it is actually on British TV now so I can watch it on the actual TV. Earlier I watched Later with Jools Holland, and it was a really great show with Corinne Bailey Ray, Big Pink, a duet with David Gray and nnie Lennox, plus chatter from Roger Queen Taylor and Vic Shooting Stars reeves showing off his new book,Vic Reeves' Vast book of Knowledge which I will be getting Offspring #1 for his birthday. I steer clear from most celebrity books but this is his take on a sort of illustrated encyclopaedia!

So...I ought to be making plans for Christmas, hoovering the floors,making the bed etc and reading decent literature, but it seems all I can do is watch trashy TV- American at that!! Hopefully, Thomas will be okay and I can get him home and get back into some semblance of normality.

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