Thursday, 21 January 2010


So....I wanted to wind my lovely skein of my Spingle handspun into a ball ready to knit some wristies. I haven't got a nostepinne (though I have seen a lovely one in Shunklies over on Etsy) but I discovered something which works just as well and has an unexpected advantage too! Enter the honey drizzler I bought from Ethical Superstore last year: Note its similarity in shape to the nostepinne, but with a slight difference, i.e the grooved end, which is to hold the honey so it stays on long enough to get to your toast etc. What I discovered is this: if you wind the first bit of yarn around the grooved end, it stays put, and you can the wind your wool into a ball in the usual way, holding that grooved end to make sure the yarn stays in place and also so you have a better grip. Ingenious or what!!

I am knitting the wristies for myself, as a trial pair before making some for Ellen and Mik (will have to make some in a more masculine colour for Mik (Manos Wool Classica in the lovely variegated teal,off-white and dark red I have)

The pattern is an adapted-for-chunky-handspun version of Maine Morning Mitts which I am calling Moor Morning Mitts (and if course Leiden Morgen for the cloggies!)

So...I'm happy now because I have a couple of small projects to be getting on with as well as Kernel and finishing the Catses' Blanket I no longer have Knitter's Block!

Lime Green Jelly update: the new fibre update has been previewed on the LGJ Ravelry Group!
Also here on Jo's LGJ Flickr Photostream.

I think she is trying to work out a US-friendly time to list them on Etsy, a time which we UK yarnies will not mind staying up for (I personally - and I bet I'm not the only one - would stay up all night, continually refreshing, if we didn't know the exact time!) I guess around 11pm means that any US yarnies, even those on the West Coast, will be home from work. I have decided to buy one or two lots if I really really like them but to wait if i don't see any I really fancy. and also to buy colours I don't normally buy.

So,will update later on my purchases!

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