Thursday, 7 January 2010


Osiyo! I've spun some more wool this evening, and taken a couple of pics of the yarn so far:

Spingle Hand Spun BFL - Mooi

Spingle Hand Spun Superwash Merino- Saartje

Spingle Hand Spun BFL - Kir

Unfortunately the photos look a bit dark, but that isn't the point. I'm so pleased with myself, transforming the fat braids of soft, fuzzy, fluffy fibres (like those seen in my last blog post) into skeins of strong yarn even though the yarn is far from perfect. But I always liked yarn such as Colinette's Shimmer Five and One Zero, which seem almost unfinished, and Debbie Bliss's Soho, ditto, all of which are also inconsistent thickness too. The top two yarns above are now almost enough for Saar's hat, which will be knitted in a main background of sections of Soho and One Zero with bands of my hand spun.

Lime Green Jelly's new fibre for this week is listed, but there's none that I simply must have, so I'll be waiting til next week, and spinning what I have in the meanwhile. No wonder LGJ fibre sells out so fast. I saw half the new stuff go within an hour or so, as people like me must have been checking every ten minutes to see the first new ones listed!!

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Anonymous said...

I also just started hand spinning and have fallen in love with it. I did my first two skeins and they both look like yours! That is encouraging because I have yarn a friend spun on a wheel for me which is way thinner than mine and I felt discouraged! Pat yourself on the back. Its no easy feat.
I found your blog from the permaculture group on ravelry btw. I'm "tribal" there.

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