Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I have a very bad case of Knitter's Block at the minute. Though I did finish the wristwarmers which Fiona requested, which I knitted using Royal Platinum Alpaca, in Santa Fe Skies.

Not really a very good photo but you get the idea. I actually blocked them too; only the second time I have bothered blocking my work. The first was with my Noro scarf -

- to add little length - and it did look more 'professional'. I didn't have time to block Saar's sjaaltje before I sent it as it was a Christmas presie, but it looked fantastic anyway. I decided to block the wristies to get them both exactly the same size and shape (which they were sort of anyway, but I wanted them perfect!) It resulted in the bind-off looking less floppy, and the thumbs no longer look like after thoughts! The pattern looks really good too,almost hidden until they are stretched (i.e when worn) and it also kind of tightened everything up as I had been trying them on throughout. They looked so good after blocking,especially with the addition of my little tag/card, that Rob thought they must have been bought somewhere. Where, I asked him, would you buy something as 'different' as these, in this city? Actually, you can buy some nice hand made stuff at the Arts Centre, including hand knitted socks, but they charge the Earth. Duh! That's what Etsy is for!

Anyway...Knitter' Block....I had this a while back and must have got through it then, but it is frustrating at the time. I only have three w.i.p's* - Kernel, the Catses' Blanket, and some Jaywalker socks, which I am knitting for Ellen. I have only just resurrected Kernel after the Festive Season, and that is going to be my slow project, which I will knit some of every day or two. But once the socks and blanket have been completed, and that'll be by the end of the week, I shall need to begin Saar's hat. I've almost got enough handspun yarn to make it,that isn't the problem. No, the real problem is that I can't find a pattern that really jumps out at me, though I have seen and liked a couple; they're just not right though. So I think I will be designing one myself. Watch this space!

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