Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Such a lovely early Autumn day!
Blue skies - well,blue-ish....blue-ish grey actually, or is that grey? Hmmmm....it's my great mood making it seem like a blue sky kind of day.

I decided not to have separate blogs for my knitting and other stuff. so this one will just flow....like my life and also, occasionally, like my knitting.
I've noticed that so many knitters have cats. And they include their cats in their blogs, even if they are knitting blogs. How odd, I thought. Not now. I totally understand why cats go with knitting. It isn't something which can be explained though. It is a very vibes kind of thing.
Also, how many knitters got their cats from Rescue Centres.

There is definitely a 'new wave' of knitting - knitting no longer has to mean grannies knitting vile baby clothes in horrid custard yellow acryclic. And, rather like breastfeeding, knitting is now acceptable In Public. I happily sat on the number 39 and knitted a gusset on a sock. An Old Granny type said "EEEEEEeeeeh, what lovely wull!"
(it was Mirasol Chirapa, in Crystal Ocean)

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