Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Battle For The New Cat Cushion

Oh dear.....

My father very kindly bought us a lovely cat design tapestry covered cushioned draft excluder, which I knew from the moment I saw it would be very attractive to the Queen of the Cushions, AKA Spangle. I also knew there would be trouble, since Thom automatically wants anything Spangle has for himself. Well, he totally took over the play tunnel which we got a couple of weeks ago, so in reality it was only fair that Spangle should be in charge of this New Item. (Pete doesn't really care so long as he has the left hand side of the futon to himself, and in fact gets quite agitated if anyone sits there - after totally failing to see the cat hair which usually builds up on it within seconds of the latest brush)

So....Thom was so busy sniffing, and then lying on, the plastic bag it came in, that he failed to notice Spangle jumping up onto the sofa to investigate the new cushion, which I had placed on the back, under the lamp, where she likes to sit while I am knitting. Hmmmmm....what's this, something I can claw....and...it's comfy!!

She settled in for the duration, only moving a couple of times to fend off the Invader! She's been giving in to his attempts to take Alpha status recently, but she wasn't going to give this cushion up and Thom was relegated to the lower level, where he continued to seethe quietly (you could almost see him shaking with barely contained rage!!)

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