Monday, 21 September 2009

Absolutely brilliant......NOT!

Firstly, I heard I won a competition to win some fabulous Handmaiden yarn used to make Kernel, the new scarf pattern on Knitty!!! Yee haa! I have never really won much in my entire life so this is practically a first. The competition was on Blue Peninsula, the blog of Bonnie Sennott from Amherst in Massachusets, the designer of the Kernel scarf (among other fab designs!) and she asked people to post a comment about their first lace project (Ha ha ha!! Let us never mention THAT scarf ever again!)

And then...the washing machine died. Well, it isn't quite finished,but let's just say I don't actually enjoy hearing the sound of a 757 taking off in our kitchen every time it goes into the spin cycle. knew it was on its way out though, because last time I had it repaired the guy pointed out that to spend any more money getting repairs done would be false economy. We've had this machine since we moved here - 12 years ago - and only needed to have repairs done over the past three years, so I can't grumble, and buying a new one won't go against my Green principles, having had the old one for so long. I'm thinking of buying from Comet's auction site, which is where they sell their ex-display and returned models. Watch this space.

I've done 2 pattern repeats on the Monkey socks:

Not A VERY good photo but it is too dull outside to take pics.
I bought 10 skeins of lovely lovely lovely Mirasol Hacho in Double Fuchsia. What's not to like?! And some fantabulous Araucania Ranco in a deep purple ever-so-slightly variegated (but actually a 'Solid')

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