Wednesday, 18 August 2010

CUTE......Or WHAT?!

Have you missed seeing the Miscreant on my blog? He hasn't missed you! He has been too busy perfecting his "manipulative purr-cry" which as scientists have discovered cats learn to do with just the right combination of purring and appealing/unbearable meaow so that their Human will have to choice other than to give in immediately to their demands!! As well as this, he has also been busy with his regular hobby of torturing small garden mammals until they die of fright, whereupon he carries them into the kitchen (if someone, i.e. me, has not thought to close the window and the back door after letting him out) and dumps them on the rug. Just occasionally he manages to sneak a live one in.....I've been told this is actually his attempt to teach me to catch them, because he just sees me as another cat, albeit a dismally inept one, and I found this mentioned in someone else's blog too. However, I prefer to continue thinking he is just an evil and devious creature, out to annoy me by whatever means possible and/or necessary!!

And the third is of lovely adorable fluffy Spangle......

.....And you've seen nothing until you watch this!

And for Simon's Cat fans here is the very latest, brand new video!

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