Tuesday, 27 July 2010


So....in the past seven days I have increased my level of joy by around 500%!!

On Friday I had an interview and got the job I need to kick start my career. I am still actually in complete disbelief, even though I do know I really deserve it! I feel like this has kind of just landed in my lap, through chance conversations and being in the right place at the right time and so forth. Nevertheless I have worked hard to get back to 100% health and motivation and I do have all the requisite experience and all that, and some.

On Friday evening I managed to snaffle this from Jo's shop; 100% Merino, "Stupid in Love"

I had also promised myself a yarnie treat if I got the job, and so on Sunday I was ready for the update on the Posh Yarn website, and bought two skeins of Elinor sock yarn. Also 100% Merino, they are "Viva Las Vegas" (top of this post) and "Bazinga!" (below).

All three treats arrived today, so I sepnt a good quarter of an hour sniffing, stroking, squishing, holding up to the light and in general just drolling. The colours of the Posh yarn are simply not done justice by the photos! They are utterly fabulous and as soon as I've finished the second
Switcheroo sock I'm knitting in Silkwood Sock Yarn (in 'Firefly) I shall be spending some time choosing which of the Elinors to use for my next sock pattern and also deciding which pattern to knit. I am tempted by Pomatomus and also by Hourglass. Though I think Hourglass might be better for a more monochrome yarn, such as my Knitosophy whereas Pomatomus will show off the variations in colour and shade with really great stitch definition in the Elinor.
At the same time as all this I've just started spinning some LimeGreenJelly Merino/Cashmere/Silk in a gorgeous plum/purple/deep pinks colourway, "A Song for the Lovers". I'm spinning it as fine as I dare and hopefully I'll then Andean-ply it and knit some fingerless gloves (Susie's Reading Mitts) I fully intend to have several more pairs before the autumn comes, and will also be selling/gifting some too. My eventual goal is to be able to spin finely enough to be able to ply it and still have 350+ yards. In my humble opinion, anything less is simply not sufficient for a decent project.
I promise lots of photos next time!!
Hopefully next week will prove to be just as good as last and I can keep this Cheshire Cat grin on my face just a little longer......? Please??!

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