Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Hat....

This is the start of the gorgeous hat I'm knitting for the klijntje. You can see in the above photo one of the earflaps and the variegated colours of my gorgeous handspun 'Spingle' yarn. The whole thing was slightly too small for circulars so I put it on dpns. Speaking of circulars, my new Knitpro tips are too thick, at 8mm and 10mm because I seriously overestimated how chunky my handpun would turn out. It's okay, I will use them sometime and they will be great for teaching Saartje to knit.

I've cast on for another pair of wristies, these ones in Colinette DK (hand dyed 100% wool):

I'm going to make the same ones as I knitted for Fiona the other week, ie April May, (pattern from Yarn Zombie) because I love the simple semi-lace design which is part of the ribbed effect. This wool is so lovely. Wish I could find more, but it was a one-skein listing on EBay which I paid £2 for. I got some Noro Kureyon to make a scarf, probably Palette off Knitty, and some Schoeller & Stahl Fortissima Mexiko and Four Seasons Hot Socks Dream sock yarns. Not necessarily for socks, but possibly for baby bootees for Wor Nat's friend's baby-to-be (well, it's already a baby - I meant, when s/he is born)

I was really missing Josh - he has been away for the past three (long) weekends, which is great - he is after all a young adult with a separate life etc. but he is back now and at College. It is really starting to dawn on me that in the next few years I will be Alone. But look on the bright side: I will be able to have the biggest bedroom, plus a separate knitting and spinning room, as well as a totally spare bedroom! I will get some more cats haha!!

I'm counting the days now - 12 - until the Uiterstegrachters arrive!

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