Friday, 18 December 2009


Well, it has been snowing today, prompting cries of 'Sneeeeeeeuw!' in our house! It was covering the ground properly almost immediately to make a soft and sort-of crunchy layer about 2cm deep (probably deeper now but there is no way I'm going outside to check!)

It has been a good week since my last post; that was last sunday I believe, so I have had a full five days of hecticity and now I can begin to chill somewhat though not properly just yet. I am going Christmas shopping on Sunday (mistakenly believing, like last year, that it will be a lot quieter in Newcastle on a Sunday!!) and then food shopping to get the Xmas week's food on Wenesday, the day before Xmas Eve!! In between there will be another day in town plus a mad dash to the Post Office and around the doors locally delivering cards. Local cards for local people!! No doubt about it, I will need to write myself a detailed schedule - also on daily stick-it notes! The good thing is, this year, for the first time in a while, it is just going to be Rob, Josh and myself - and the Catses of course - all of us, at home, on our own, cosy family Christmas; nice and quiet and relaxed! The week between Christmas and New Year's is when we will have people round: possibly Jonny and Madeleine, Pam and Martin (?? - would be nice), Kim and hubby and their little girl, maybe Anna... and actually I think I am meant to be going bowling - some Co-op thing - on New Year's Eve.

Speaking of Co-op stuff, the December meeting/Christmas Party was pretty good! Well, the meeting was awful, as there are currently 'issues' we have to think about, issues, basically, of co-operability and so forth. Not for this blog though. The party was good - well, I thought so, and as many people did not leave until after 3 a.m I presume that I wsn't the only one who has a good time. Jerry was a star, we went shopping in her new car - which she said she had bought in the auction for about £300!! If only I could actually learn how to drive without almost crashing!!! We went to Morrisons, which is where I shall be doing a lot of shopping from now on, as I can walk there over the Moor then get a cab back. I thought we had got too much booze, but - and I still think this is unbelievable! - apparently 7 bottles of wine, a huge bottle of cider, a bottle of vodka, 4 cans of bitter, 4 cans of stout, and 24 little bottles of bier blonde was almost not quite enough for 9 or 10 people, one of whom (me) wasn't really drinking, and two of whom left fairly early!! The wine ran out first, and so people started just drinking whatever, and inevitably the conversation degenerated - mostly due to Beefy's one-track mind and love of toilet humour!! I lost count of the number of times he mentioned his bowel movements, his hairy bum, his pierced ****, and -----'s 'Fossil Fanny' (I won't mention the name in case they ever read this and are embarrassed or I get done for libel). I was almost on the floor with laughing so much and could barely breathe at one point. Even before the meeting ended(yes, it was maybe a bad move to offer people a glass of wine during the meeting...) certain parties were drunk!

But all-in-all it was a good night - I think the Co-op ought to have more of these social events! We don't live communally, but it's nice that we are involved, to whatever extent - some more than others - in each other's lives. And I am really really glad Hev decided to come round, and I'd like to think we managed to cheer he up even a small amount. Poor lass; not only has she lost someone she really loved - even if she couldn't really admit it at the time and often had a really rough time because of his issues (and I can certainly empathise with that because I was with D for three years) - but she is also having to deal with her little girl's grief at having lost her Daddy. I simply cannot begin to imagine what that must be like.

Well, after the party, I haven't really had much I've had to do this week. But I did receive the gorgeous wool fibre I ordered from the Etsy shops, and here they are in all their wonderfulness:

The two photos above are the one from Shunklies and the two photos below are the one from Amy's Rainbow - colour: Cassis, which will become something for me!! Probably mixed with some other colours which I shall buy in the New Year.

And I've discovered another couple of gorgeous Etsy shops too: Lime Green Jelly and Wonderful Wool, so watch this space -LOL!! I hve finished Saartje's scarf at long last - just need to fix the second lot of tassels on and maybe stitch a couple of those gorgeous little flowers with the mother-of-pearl buttons in the middle. Then I can spend Saturday spinning, and continuing my Cold Mountain scarf. By the way, the new Knitty is out and I'm sorry to say I am very disappointed.

I bought a few books with my Whatstoner's gift cards, but I haven't been impressed on the whole with the selection of books on knitting in the store in Newcastle. I think they had about a dozen - maybe seven different titles; they were mainly the sort of books non-knitters would buy a book-loving knitter as a gift without really understanding what knitters look for in a knitting book. for instance, those sort of 'idiots guide to knitting', and that sort of thing. no real pattern-filled books or stitch dictionaries etc. Rubbish. But i managed to spend all but about £16 and I'm saving that for when I inevitably see a book I simply must have, as usually happens when I have no spare money. I did see a book I think I'm going to buy for Sara: 'Mog's Christmas', complete with CD, and at the minute it's on a 'Buy one get one free' deal. I was also tempt6ed - as usual - by the expensive stationery, but I do actually have pretty much ten years' supply of Paperblanks and Cavallini notebooks, so I had to drag myself away for the rather delightful little notecards and so on. Newcastle is crying out for a decent book shop, somewhere which doesn't just sell the pulp currently being promoted by the min publishers.

I could go on forever about my dissatisfaction where that is concerned but it's after 2 and I do want to be up early tomorrow to get some milk, so I will bid thee good night.

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